Mergers and Acquisitions

Post Merger Integration

Mergers and acquisitions

Studies and experience show that strategic plans for growth should include a merger and acquisition strategy: Acquiring another company is one of the most efficient ways of growth. Strategic Services Agency developed an M&A framework that we successfully deployed during several acquisitions and mergers in the past years. Our approach minimizes the risk and keeps a focus on the objectives of the integration. 


Aligned with the strategic goals, an M&A strategy, and the right execution thereof, created the growth in areas where organic growth would be too risky or too long.


We work with your teams to maximize the impact of the M&A strategy and the objectives set by supporting and developing the M&A team. We add capabilities and a proven framework. Our acquisition consultants enforce your corporate team.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Long before the actual acquisition starts, we work with your organization to develop the M&A strategy. The first step of the strategy involves understanding the objectives. Aiming for growth in revenue will be significantly different when searching for growth of profit in M&As.

The next step is determining the readiness of your organization. For example, can your team handle the process and integration of a new group without compromising the going concern of the business? An important aspect that most overlook is culture. If the cultures of two mergers are polar opposites it can be detrimental to the continuity of a business. Analyzing what risks are acceptable without jeopardizing the business continuity is key.

Another major step in M&A is knowing what type of company to buy. Once you know what type of company will best suit your business you can transition to figuring what the returns of your new company will be. Is your company aiming for customer stability or geographic growth?

If you know your business will take a little longer to reach a profitable stage than this is something you must integrate into your budget. Financial struggles can make or break a company, so having knowledge of these potential negative earnings will better help prepare you for the future.

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There is a method for understanding the potential risks in merging companies, and our experts help you every step of the way. Knowing the objectives and the possible returns for each risk can give a business a more extensive outlook on the success of a merger. The team at Strategic Services Agency analyzes and evaluates each risk, so that your merger moves in the right direction. 

legal aspects

The merge of two companies entails many laws and regulations. Having a thorough understanding of the deal and deal structure requires knowledge about the companies as well as the legal risks associated with it. Our experts can guide you through this with their experience in both international and domestic law. 

Creating a contract between two companies is a part of the risk taken in a merge. Why take on the risk yourself when you can hire a team that guides you through the process? The team at Strategic Services Agency has experienced contract lawyers to help you navigate the legal side so that you can focus on the business side. 


Bringing together the technology of multiple companies requires a deep understanding of ICT transformation. Strategic Services Agency offers this expertise. 

The merger should be in line with the digital transformation strategy, which involves a deep comprehension of your company’s culture and needs, and basic enterprise architecture. Our enterprise architecture allows us to finetune plans for integrating, migrating, and necessary developments. We look at end-user computing, the integration of communication services, standardization, security, and how to organize the data strategy. 

Project Planning and Management

No integration project will survive without program and project management. Our experienced project managers lead the way, support the teams in the field, and make sure the senior management is aware of updates, progress and issues.