Digital Transformation

Post Merger Integration

what is digital transformation?

For Strategic Services Agency, Digital Transformation is integrating digital technology in all fields of the business operation. In some areas, this is automating or digitally improving an existing process. For many disciplines in the organization, it also means a redefinition of some business processes to take advantage of technology.

But at the same time, it’s a shift in culture, in looking at how the people in the business can operate using the right tools, systems, and approach.

Sometimes Digital Transformation means abandoning long-standing processes to adapt to the new, digital, reality

Digital transformation is customer driven

Customers are the best catalyst to drive your digital transformation efforts. Customer expectations create new, critical challenges. Not only for the sales and marketing department but to the whole value chain that generates business with the client. 

A continuous evaluation allows us to stay on track with changed customer behavior. Strategic Services Agency helps in these projects to define the customer journey, and decide with the senior leadership teams where to take advantage in the short and long term of disruptive technologies and process changes. 

digital transformation is about culture. people. process. partnership. technology.

people and culture

Changing the behavior of an organization starts by having and hiring the right people, and create a culture where these people can shine.


Making sure it all ties together, agile business process management enables your talent to connect in the right way with clients.


A correct transition to the necessary systems and applications is a cornerstone in the digital transformation process.


Strategic Services Agency is here to take you on the fascinating journey to take full advantage of what digital transformation can bring you.