Founded in 2008, Strategic Services Agency stands at the forefront of the technology consulting industry, leading organizations of all sizes towards transformative growth and sustainable success. Our roots can be traced back to 2002 when our principal, Koen Blanquart, and his team began cultivating their expertise in disruptive innovation. Over time, this group of innovators evolved into Strategic Services Agency, a powerhouse of technological and strategic acumen.

We are driven by four foundational principles that shape our approach to every client engagement:

  1. Pragmatic Solutions: We believe there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for sustainable growth. Our consultants partner with clients to uncover practical, tailored solutions that drive success.
  2. Valuable Innovation: Our team leverages over two decades of industry experience to guide organizations through the complexities of technology and innovation, creating impactful solutions that enhance business performance.
  3. Team Synergy: We don’t just consult; we integrate with your team. When we take on a mission, we become part of the solution, working collaboratively to ensure success.
  4. Sustainable Outcomes: We’re committed to outcomes-based design that bridges the gap between design intent and actual outcomes, leading to a more sustainable business environment.

Innovative leaps and strategic growth have marked our journey. From our initial foray into system integration and software development in 2002 to the start of our technology strategy practice in 2004, we have continually expanded our services to meet our clients’ ever-evolving needs.

Our expansion into European markets in 2008 signaled the beginning of a new era of growth. A year later, we launched our managed services practice. Our footprint continued to grow in 2011 with our expansion into North America, marked by the opening of our New York office.

In 2014, we started our ‘New Way of Working’ practice, revolutionizing how organizations operate in an increasingly digital landscape. That same year, we established our Digital Transformation practice focusing on Big Data and AI, ensuring our clients stayed ahead of the curve. Our internationalization services for EU-USA were added in 2015, followed by an expansion into Central American markets in 2017.

In 2018, our M&A practice was born, reflecting our dedication to helping organizations navigate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions. This year also culminated all our expertise under one roof – Strategic Services Agency.

We are more than a consulting agency; we are your strategic partner in innovation and growth. Our rich history, rooted in pioneering industry-first steps, underscores our commitment to leading clients through the labyrinth of digital transformation toward a future of success and sustainability. With Strategic Services Agency by your side, the potential for your organization is limitless.

Strategic Services Agency provides customized transformational change management solutions to medium and large organizations. Our team of experienced executives has expertise in technology and digital transformation, business development, and organizational management.

We work closely with clients to identify their unique needs and develop customized solutions to help them achieve their business goals.


Strategic Services Agency has a long and storied history in disruptive innovation. We have been pioneers in the industry for many years and are known for taking innovative steps. We are very proud of our achievements and those who led us here.


Technology Consulting Practice

As the result of the acquisition of his small system integrator and software development company in Belgium, Koen Blanquart starts a consulting practice to assist ICT-services companies in changing their product approach towards a solution-based customer attitude.


European Expansion

With a second principal consultant joining the team, SSA starts serving clients in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and the UK.


North American Operations

With the opening of its first office across the Atlantic ocean (in New York), the team starts servicing customers on the US East Coast, Canada, and Mexico.


Work organizing practice

Since 2000, we’ve been working on the new way of working and have started working with organizations to develop location-independent models. We eat our own pudding and start working remotely for most of our time.


Central American Expansion

With the growing demand for services in Central and South America, we establish a bridgehead in Panama.